World Masters Games Appetizer

It’s 6 weeks until Age Group Nationals and 12 weeks away from the World Masters Games so it’s the prefect time to see how your going against yourself and your peers!
We welcome masters riders from around the country to join us. The more riders who join us, the more likely we can offer the specific age groupings.
LOCATION: This event will take place the Avantidrome, Cambridge on the 12th Feb.
4 to 4:30pm – Warm up
4:30 to 7/8pm – Scratch racing, Team sprints, Points racing
Please enter as soon as possible into the “Racing – Masters Games 3 month out” session via our track schedule. Then complete a simple form to say what events you would like to do:
A full program including start times will be made up for the day once all the entries are in.
For those sprinting specialists. A Master’s match sprint racing programme (Timed flying 200, 500mTT) will be run in the 2-4pm (12th Feb) session. Please book into that normal 2-4pm sprint session via our track schedule.
Any questions? email