Final Countdown WMG_Website

It’s 5 weeks away from the World Masters Games so it’s the prefect time to see how your going against yourself and your peers for one last time!

We welcome masters riders from around the country to join us. The more riders who join us, the more likely we can offer the specific age groupings.


TBC. This programme will include WMG format events and be similar to our event of 12th Feb 2017.
Once the draft programme is published, we will publish a simple online form to capture your specific events you would like to do. To speed up on the day organising.
A full programme including start times will be made up for the day once we have all the entries.

Please enter as soon as possible into the “Racing – Masters Games 3 Final Prep Event” session on via our track schedule page.


$20 per rider.

Power to the pedal.