2nd July SH1 Crash

3 July 2015

2rd July – 5pm

At 3pm today a crash involving a truck and a car at the intersection on SH1 outside the Avantidrome resulted in a fatality .

Staff at the Avantidrome were the first to attend the scene and are understandably in shock.

Our thoughts are with those involved with today’s accident, the family of the deceased, the driver of the truck and his family, those who were part of the first response, emergency services, those who heard the crash and those who have and continue to support the aforementioned.

We don’t believe the driver had any connection with the Avantidrome

As part of State Highway 1, this intersection is managed and maintained by the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA). The Home of Cycling Charitable Trust has worked with NZTA to improve the intersection, contributing a significant amount of funding towards bettering road layout at the intersection. Once construction of the Avantidrome began the speed limit on this stretch of road was lowered from 100kph to 80kph following requests from the Avantidrome, St Peters School, and the local community.

This intersection is known for being difficult particularly when there’s a lot of traffic or when weather conditions aren’t ideal, however this accident has occurred during the St Peter’s school holidays, at 3pm on a fine day with clear visibility and with minimal traffic

We meet with St Peter’s School, NZTA, NZ Police and Waipa District Council monthly to review traffic matters. Today’s accident will be discussed at our next meeting.