Battle of the Schools 2019 Carnival

Welcome to the Burger Fuel Te Awamutu Battle of the Schools 2019 Junior Carnival

This carnival will be held on Saturday 16th November 2019 starting at 10am and is a great opportunity for our younger riders to gain a true track racing experience whilst competing for the pride of their school.  The format is set up so that every school has a chance of taking out the top award no matter how many riders are entered from that school.

Open to accredited riders only in the following school-age categories: –

  1. Yr 5 & 6 (Combined boys and girls)
  2. Yr 7 Girls
  3. Yr 7 Boys
  4. Yr 8 Girls
  5. Yr 8 Boys
  6. Yr 9 Girls
  7. Yr 9 Boys

Race events: –

  1. Team Sprint – teams of 2 riders from the same school (although composite teams will be arranged on the day for riders who don’t have a partner from their own school). Teams can be mixed, boys or girls’ teams but will all race in the same grade (Yr 5 & 6, Yr 7, Yr 8 and Yr 9). There will be a Qualifying Round and then the fastest 4 teams in each grade will progress to the Finals where the fastest 2 teams will race for Gold and the 3rd and 4th fastest teams will race for Bronze


  1. Scratch Race – Distances as follows: –
    1. Yr 5 & 6 —— 4 Laps
    2. Yr 7 ———— 5 Laps
    3. Yr 8 ———— 6 Laps
    4. Yr 9 ———— 8 Laps


  1. 515M Scratch Race – 2 Laps (plus 15M on to the Finish Line) from a held start. Run in heats of 4 – 6 riders. Start line is the Pursuit Line on the Front Straight and the riders will draw for their position. There will be a Qualifying Round and then the number of riders who qualify for the Final will depend on the number of entries (and therefore the number of heats). If there are small numbers in each category it will just be a straight Final.


  1. Wheel Race – This is a handicap race run from different positions around the track. It is run over 3 laps based on the Scratch rider (the rider who starts at the start/finish line at 0 metres), therefore if you start ahead of this point you will have less than 3 laps to complete. The riders will be held to start and given a slight assistance (push) to get rolling. The winner is the first rider over the line at the completion of the 3 Laps


Race Programme will be as follows: 

Event 1.           Team Sprint Qualifying Round

Event 2.           Scratch Races

Event 3.           515M Scratch Race Qualifying Round

Event 4.           Wheel Races

Event 5.           515M Scratch Race Finals

Presentations – Scratch Race, Wheel Race and 515M Scratch Race certificates

Event 6.           Team Sprint Finals

Presentations – Team Sprint certificates and Top School trophy


Important Information: –     


  • $15 per person for the whole event if entered on or before Thursday 14th November
  • $25 per person for late entry after Thursday 14th November
  • **Note** There is no charge for hire bike usage

Entry via reception or email Colin Dixon on


Categories can be combined if there are not enough numbers in each grade but we would still look to award a 1st, 2nd and 3rd for the correct age grade


Estimated Event time = 5 hours


Points towards the Top School Trophies are awarded as follows: –

  1. Winner of a Race Category – 10 Pts
  2. Second in each category – 5 Pts
  3. Third in each category – 3 Pts
  4. Every other rider in each category – 1 Pt


To give every school a chance to win there will be a multiplying factor attached to the scoring. Therefore:–

  1. For a school with 4 or less riders entered – all points multiplied by 3
  2. For a school with between 5 and 9 riders entered – all points multiplied by 2
  3. For a school with 10 or more riders entered – all points as per the table above


For the Team Sprint Event, the school will receive the points from each placing. Each rider does not get 10 Pts if they win!

The trophy for the Top School will be based on the number of points gained by all students from that school