Life Fitness Zone

We make staying fit easy and enjoyable with our spacious facilities, brand new equipment, no queues, free parking and handy location to Cambridge and surrounds… why wouldn’t you want to join?!

Our Life Fitness Zone offers a fully equipped gym along with a series of fitness classes catering for a host of different needs  – from Cycling Specific Pilates and Spin Classes to full body High Intensity workouts and Senior Circuits.

The classes are taken by a fully qualified Personal and Group Fitness Trainer and although the gym itself is unsupervised, all gym memberships come with a minimum of one consultation to specifically focus on creating a healthy, safe and fit environment for everybody to train in.

What’s more you don’t need to be a Life Fitness Zone gym member to enjoy our fitness classes – these are available to non-members as well on a cost per class basis.

What are you waiting for? Walk throughs welcome.

For all enquiries call 0800 VELODROME or email


Become a Member

Membership Options

Annual Upfront Membership

Monthly Direct Debit Option Includes
12 months


$59.60 per month

4 x Exercise Consultations

Unlimited Access

6 months


$71.50 per month

2 x Exercise Consultations

Unlimited Access

3 months


Not Available

1 x Exercise Consultation

Unlimited Access

High School Student (16+ years)

$250 Not Available

1 x Exercise Consultation

Unlimited Access

Please note: You must be 16 years or older to be eligible for a gym membership for health and safety reasons as we are an unsupervised gym.

Please refer to the Life Fitness Zone Conditions of Entry.

Casual Gym Sessions Option







12 Session Pre-pay


Can only be used after induction is completed

Personalised Exercise Programe



Sports Team Rates

Short or long term rates can be arranged on a case by case basis. For enquiries please contact us:

Life Fitness Zone Opening Hours

The Life Fitness Zone is open when the Avantidrome is open! See here for opening and closing hours.

Please ensure you arrive for your session at least an hour before closing time. The gym must be vacated by closing time.

SPECIAL NOTE: 7-10th February

The Vantage Windows & Doors Elite & U19 Track National Championships are taking place here Thursday-Sunday this week! You’ll find all event info on the Cycling New Zealand website here.

Please note the LIFE FITNESS ZONE will be open reduced hours during this time.

Thurs & Fri: 6am-12 noon
Sat & Sun: 7.30am-12 noon

Fitness Classes


Join us for a great class filled with variety to work your whole body! Using kettle bells, battle ropes, medicine balls and weights, this class focuses on muscle strength, tone and fitness. Let’s get your heart going and your bodyfat burning with this highly interactive class.

$10 for non-members or free for members.

Senior Circuit

This is a class specifically designed for participants aged 50+. Our Life Fitness Zone instructor will take you through a range of exercises to increase strength, stability and improve fitness.

$5 for non-members or free for members.

Synergy 360

This is a Woman Only class, specifically designed to make you lose fat and keep your metabolism higher for longer.  This full body, medium intensity and low-impact group training class, combines the best of everything – from Dumbbells, to barbells, to kettle bells, from short cardio interval sessions to functional core training on the mats.

Our friendly and fun trainers offer you all the expertise and know-how you need to achieve all your goals in fitness, muscle shape and tone.

Suitable for all levels of fitness and strength. Stop in on your way home from work and join this vibrant and fun group class.

$10 for non-members or free for members.

Lifecycle Spin

Spin classes at the Life Fitness Zone Gym situated in the center of a world class velodrome… it doesn’t get much better than this! Get fit riding stationary bikes in a fun, upbeat group class.

$10 for non-members or free for members


Pilates lengthens and stretches all the major muscle groups in the body in a balanced fashion. It improves flexibility, strength, balance and body awareness. By increasing muscle strength and tone, particularly through your core you will enhance spine stabilisation, muscular control of your back and limbs, as well as have balanced muscle strength on all sides of the body.

$10 for non members or free for members

Senior Pilates 

Our Senior Pilates class is specifically tailored to needs of participants aged 50+.

$5 for non-members or free for members.