Ali Shanks brings Cycling Heroes to New Zealand

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Former World Champion Track cyclist Alison Shanks, now mother of two (3 month old Abigail and 3 year old Lucas), and business woman is juggling a lot…and life is about to get a lot busier as she works to give Kiwis even more reason to exercise.

She is launching Cycling and Running Heroes – the frequent flyer equivalent for runners and cyclists. It’s a big deal overseas – it’s the world’s largest digital community of runners in France, Australia, and the UK. It launched only two years ago and has taken off. and

And Kiwi cyclists, runners and walkers can now join in on the action, automatically accruing and redeeming points for discounts and prizes on global brands.

Cycling and Running Heroes is a completely FREE service that connects with the most popular apps, GPS watches and activity trackers such as Strava, Nike +, TomTom, Fitbit, Polar, and Garmin and Runkeeper. As you cycle, run or walk you are rewarded with points that go toward discounts off products and services in New Zealand.

Once your cycle or run is complete, your activity, based off your GPS, will seamlessly sync back to Sport Heroes where points will be given. Activity points are calculated by:

  1. Distance run
  2. Amount of time you’ve run for
  3. Elevation
  4. Your speed

It’s simple and free – just connect your GPS watches or activity trackers with the app – and away you go. 90% of activity trackers connect, making it accessible to everyone. Imagine this…

The guy that’s cycling up and down the cycleway to work or perhaps running 2-3 times a week around the waterfront is not only shedding some kilos ahead of summer….he is now able to accrue points that can be redeemed. Or take Ali herself, accumulating points in the walk to and from preschool pick up, Sport Heroes truly is for anyone exercising and the platform is interchangeable, so one day you can cycle, the next you run and it all accumulates points to the one place. In Australia, they have given away numerous 5 star running trips to Thailand and 10 day adventure holidays valued at over $3,000 just for running.

“This has really taken off internationally and I could see it’s potential with Kiwis. It doesn’t matter if you are walking, out for a cruise on the bike, running for the first time or you’re an elite athlete. Any cyclist or runner of any ability can accumulate points. We’re all about motivating people to get active. For the very first time, your blood, sweat, tears, and kilometres will reward you” said Shanks.

“Summer is coming, people are out exercising – so you might as well make those kilometers count and grab yourself some discounts during the silly season. Our weekly challenges are fun with awesome prizes to be won.”

Sport Heroes has more than 500 brand partners; across sport, lifestyle and leisure. More than $1M worth of gear has been distributed worldwide to people who have simply collected reward points through their running. The types of partners include the likes of Nike, Asics, The Iconic, TomTom, 2XU, Lorna Jane and Under Armour and more recently in New Zealand partners such as PURE sports Nutrition, Nutribullet, Be Pure, JayBird and now the Avantidrome.

The Sport Heroes business brings together Shanks’ two passions of exercise and marketing. Gone are the days where a billboard or a static advertisement is enough – Sport Heroes platform allows brands to connect with customers at a deeper level in a targeted way. It is an efficient marketing tool. And on the flip side the consumer benefits with rewards and prizes.

“We already have amazing partners on board and of course are always keen to create new relationships.  I’m really excited to bring Cycling & Running Heroes to New Zealand and truly believe in its ability to motivate people into a more healthy and active lifestyle.” said Shanks

For the very first time, your blood, sweat, tears, and kilometers will actually reward you.This is a no-brainer for anyone who cycles or runs!



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