Fitness & Fun for Fifties Plus

Starting around four years ago the Avantidrome introduced cost effective Senior Circuit classes in their Life Fitness Zone to members of the local community aged 50+. Under the watchful eyes of fitness instructors Tara & Pam, each class has been carefully designed to help increase strength and improve stability and fitness, at a manageable but challenging pace for a range of fitness levels.

This group has now grown to around 50 regular participants with the average class size around around 22. Many of whom, having recently retired from sedentary jobs, have not had a previous fitness regime so are amazed at how much stronger and fitter they have become through consistency and effort in attending these weekly fitness classes.

So much so that now a fairly large group of these newfound spritely seniors have begun to cycle to their Life Fitness Zone classes. Admittedly most use e bikes, but without the very helpful assist function, many would opt not to cycle otherwise.

“That little boost you get from the motor really does encourage you to get out there in the fresh air, warming up ready for our Monday and Wednesday morning Senior Circuit Class at the Avantidrome” says Coralee, a regular e-biker and fitness class attendee.

Coralee goes on to mention, ”From this, several of our members have formed various very social biking groups where we usually bike between 20 and 40ks and always find a café along the way”, noting some of the men’s groups are a wee bit more serious!

As well as the popular Senior Circuit at the Avantidrome Life Fitness Zone is a twice weekly Pilates class specifically tailored for fifties plus. Run by instructor Linda these classes are aimed at lengthening and strengthening muscles to improve flexibility, strength, and balance and body awareness; particularly helpful as we get a little older.

But what’s it really about?

The fun, friendship and sense of achievement, along with the very popular scones and delicious coffee enjoyed after each class at the Bikery Café.

For more information on these classes see our Life Fitness Zone webpage.