Great Race Rowers 'have a go' at the Avantidrome

Both the Sydney and Melbourne University Women’s rowing crews headed to the Avantidrome to try their hand at track cycling this morning.

Here to race the Gallagher Great Race this Sunday, the crews are making the most of their spare time and experiencing what the region has to offer.

Riders went through a ‘Have a Go’ session which the Avantidrome offers to anyone wanting to try their hand at track riding. The team started with a safety briefing and bike check, then headed up to the 250m indoor, wooden track. From here riders were coached to move up to the steeper parts of the track as they felt ready and comfortable.

Instructors John and Roi Speed commented, “both crews took to the boards like ducks to water, surprising with how quickly they progressed up the track.”

“They were all very fit which meant they could really push themselves and get nice and high on the track.

Despite their fitness, the instructors did comment that both teams started off a little shaky, “they were quite nervous to begin with, but that’s to be expected when you’re being asked to jump on a bike with no brakes and cycle on a 43.5degree angle for the first time!”

It’s great to see these international visitors making the most of their time here and experiencing what the region has to offer. The Avantidrome holds ‘Have a Go’ sessions most weekends, head to their website for more details:

Make sure you head to the banks of the Waikato River on Sunday from 9am to watch the teams race, and support our Waikato teams.


IMG_1348(Above)  The Sydney University Women’s Crew after their session, with instructors Roi and John Speed
Melbourne Uni(Above) The Melbourne University Women’s Rowing crew