Coaches Corner - Squares and Circles with Colin Dixon

As cyclists we obsess (yes I said it) over power to weight ratios, watts and kilos.  So focussed are we on these numbers there are stories of riders saying no to ice cream.  The horror.  The idea is simple, the more power you can put out (watts) per kilogram of body weight the faster you will go with all other things being equal.  On climbs this is particularly important and your riding buddy that turned down the ice cream may have an advantage.

Fear not, we have something to help for just such situations.  Investing some time to develop an efficient pedalling technique is key to lifting your comfort on the bike, developing leg speed and converting all those watts to moving your bike forward.  Some riders are gifted with beautiful, fluid pedalling techniques as they turn what looks like effortless circles.  We have learned it’s best not to invite those people on rides.  Other riders tend to mash on the peddles making what looks more like squares than circles.

Sit down, peel the lid of that ice cream, we have got you covered.  A few years back Road Cycling UK has posted a great article on pedalling efficiency that is a must read.

We all want to ride faster, farther and with more comfort.  One of the keys to making this happen is to improve the efficiency in your pedal stroke.  It doesn’t cost anything.

Give it a go and let me know how you get on.