Track Cycling Holiday program recap

What a great week of activities the kids on our school holiday program had last week!

There was laughing, chatting and whistling to be heard during the holiday program track sessions – some of those kids are masters at multi-tasking!!

They had plenty of sessions on the track honing their skills with a variety of different instructors who worked on all sorts of activities. Some of the highlights included setting PB’s on their flying 200 times, pursuits and sprints.


In addition to these on the track sessions, the kids had plenty of ‘off the track’ sessions which focused on improving their track cycling techniques and skills.

University of Waikato Sports Science – the kids got to do sprint testing with special sensors which measured their speed and agility, then also got to experience V02 testing up in the sports science labs. Thanks so much to the University of Waikato crew who made this happen, the kids loved their time with you.

Guest speaker – we all got treated to a special presentation by top New Zealand track cyclist Stephanie Mckenzie! Steph told us her story about getting into track cycling, and about living with Type 1 Diabeties which she was diagnosed with at the age of 8. The kids got a chance to check out her bikes and ask a million questions which they all loved.




Gym session – Ryan from the Life Fitness Zone, our public gym here at the Avantidrome, took the kids for a session in the gym! They did all sorts of activities at different stations which included stretching, cardio, and work on correct warming up and cooling down.

In between all the sessions there was plenty of time for the kids to compare bikes, kits, instructors and even lunches!

Next holidays we’re hoping to do a “get accredited over the school holidays” program where kids will go through the Have a Go session, then the Accreditation modules in the one week. We will keep you updated on progress with this!