Accreditation Process

You’ve attended the Have-a-Go session and now want to gain a new set of skills that will enable you to access the track unsupervised.

This is a 4 module course which is completed over a minimum of 2* weeks. A fully qualified coach will lead each session and ensure you become familiar with the bike, track riding etiquette and skills.

By the end of the 4 modules, you will be assessed as to being ready to ride the velodrome unsupervised. It is important that we make sure that everyone who rides the track unsupervised is accredited. This not only protects newer riders, but those who are more experienced and also the track itself!

Go to the online BOOKINGS tab and check out when you can book your first Accreditation session.

You will need to book your first two sessions in Accreditation 1/2 and your final two sessions in Accreditation 3/4. This enables us to work with the same standard of riders throughout the training and not have first timers on the track with those who are about to finish their accreditation training. If you have any queries call the Avantidrome and speak to one of the staff.

*minimum of 4 weeks if under 14 years of age

$15 per module*
*There is a one-off accreditation fee once successfully completed of $25.