Avantidrome Programmes

Check out our range of different programmes offered at the Avantidrome – click on each to find out more.

To make a booking in to session – head on over to our track bookings page.

  • Have-a-Go

    If you’ve never ridden on the Avantidrome and want to give it a try, then yes, absolutley, you can Have-a-Go! We offer introductory sessions to give anyone the chance to have a go at track cycling.

  • Track Accreditation

    Our accreditation process is a module of coached sessions designed to provide you with the necessary skills that will enable you to ride on the track unsupervised.

  • Regular Track Sessions

    Open sessions, coached sessions, specialised training and racing - we offer a full programme of sessions to suit your skill level, training and racing goals.

  • Community Trikes

    Our Community Trikes programme caters for all ages and abilities - perfect for those looking to improve their mobility, fitness and overall well-being.

  • Youth Cycling & School's Racing

    Any student can book into our Youth & School's Programme with coaching sessions run by qualified, experienced Avantidrome Coaches and a regular Friday night school's racing programme.

  • School Holiday Sessions

    Run every school holidays there are coached sessions for kids new to the track and also for those already accredited looking to hone their skills.

  • Community Walkers

    A popular twice-a week indoor walking option, our 310 meter indoor circuit is enjoyed by many for its convenience, atmosphere and group camaraderie!