Avantidrome Junior Programme

Thanks to the generous support of the Grassroots Trust the Avantidrome now have a dedicated Youth Programme Coach on board and from Term Two 2018 will be kicking off a newly developed Junior Programme.

The Junior programme has been designed to offer riders a pathway of continual development. From first timers on our Have-a-Go sessions all the way up to Advanced Junior level, there will be a session that suits everyone.

The programme is designed to allow riders to progress when they are at a required level. This will ensure that they have acquired the skills and fitness to ride competently and safely with riders of a similar ability.

These sessions are run by qualified, experienced Avantidrome Coaches and are suitable for kids aged from 9 years (provided they meet the minimum height requirements of 135cm) up to 18 years of age.

Our Youth Programme Coach, Colin Dixon will be able to advise on which programme level individual riders should be attending. Contact Colin on 07 823 1421 or via email colin.dixon@avantidrome.nz for more information on which programme is most suitable for your needs and we’ll get you booked in!

Progamme details are outlined below. Session times can vary so be sure to check our Track Schedule for programme session times.

To secure your place on a programme please book and pay for the whole term. *Please Note: Sessions are non refundable if you do not attend.

You can join a programme mid term (except for the Learn to Ride programme) but you must pay for the remainder of the term in advance.


Junior have-a-go

These are fun introduction sessions to encourage juniors to come and try out the Avantidrome track. All you will need to wear is shorts, tee shirt (no singlets) and covered shoes and you will be coached by an Avantidrome Instructor.  We will provide the bike and a helmet (although you are welcome to bring your own helmet if you prefer).

On completion of each of these sessions we will sit down with the groups to let them know what their options are if they wish to continue.

When: Check the Track Schedule for upcoming sessions. Book online, or call reception on 0800 VELODROME and we’ll do it for you.

Cost: $25 per person


Learn to Ride Programme

Where all our Juniors will start their track cycling journey. This will be a term-long programme where riders will be coached towards becoming competent to ride the track.

Here they will learn all the skills required to ride the track safely and be aware of other riders around them. They will also learn the track rules and what the track markings are for.

They will be introduced to racing in this group and the skills required to race safely.

Riders will only progress from this group when the coach is satisfied that they are ready – this includes demonstrating a good track awareness and a required level of fitness.

This will be run as a term long programme, so you will need to book in for the whole term.

When: Sorry, we will not be running this part of the programme during Term 4 and have replaced it with our Battle of the Schools training and competition. Please speak to your school if you would like to get involved with this event. Entries close Friday 22nd September 2018. Details here.

Check back in with us here before the start of Term 1 of 2019.


Learn to Race Programme (Level 1)

The next step……

Here they will start to learn race tactics, the different types of races and how they work, team racing skills, efficiency and most importantly, bike handling skills.

There will also be more emphasis on fitness in this group, but it will always remain at an age appropriate level.

Riders will also be encouraged to race in the Friday Night Schools Racing series and will learn all about the different types of races that they will encounter.

When: Tuesday 4-5pm during term time. Runs for 9 weeks in term 4, 2018 (last session 11 December)

Cost:  $90 per term (includes bike hire for this programme).


Junior Development (Level 2)

For riders who are ready to compete at Junior Centre & Schools events.

Here they will continue to develop race tactics, race awareness, bunch racing skills and increased bike handling skills. There is also more emphasis on fitness and speed in preparation for competition. They will also get an opportunity to experience starting out of the gates!

Riders will also be tested to build up a file of their “best times” over varying distances. This will help show their development across the programme.

When: Tuesday 5-6pm during term time. Runs for 9 weeks in term 4, 2018 (last session 11 December)


Excluding bike hire –  $90 per term

Including bike hire – $135 per term


Junior Advanced (Level 3)

For competitive, skilled riders.

This programme is for riders who are ready to compete at National level events. These sessions will develop rider’s skills and race awareness to enable them to be confident in a high-speed race environment. They will learn to pace correctly and there will be discussion and analysis of various technical aspects of their racing.

There will be more time spent learning to start correctly out of the gates, tactical thinking for sprint and bunch races, how to utilise the track effectively and how to work your way through a tight bunch.

Again, riders will be tested to confirm their “best times” over varying distances to measure their personal improvements.

When: Wednesday morning 6:30–7:30am or Friday 5-6pm during term time. Runs for 9 weeks in term 4, 2018 (up until week ending 14th December)


Excluding bike hire –  $90 per term

Including bike hire – $135 per term


Additional Sessions

Junior Assessment:

By appointment.  Riders who presently ride other tracks but are not accredited at the Avantidrome can get assessed and signed off to ride/race. We can also recommend which of our sessions may suit them if they wish to ride regularly here.

Available once a month. Check our track schedule for upcoming Junior Assessment sessions or enquire at reception tel: 0800 VELODROME.

Cost: $25

Junior Fitness:

Sessions where Junior riders can come along and work on their fitness. These will always be supervised by an Avantidrome coach.

These will be run on Sundays twice a month. Check our track schedule for upcoming Junior Fitness sessions or enquire at reception tel: 0800 VELODROME.

Cost: $10 per session ($15 if you require a hire bike).

Specialist Junior Coached:

Independent sessions where riders can gain knowledge in specific skills like gate starts, pacing for pursuits, match sprint tactics etc. An Avantidrome coach will run these sessions but occasionally we will be utilising the talents of the High-Performance coaches for specialist advice and information.

Dates and cost TBC. Contact Colin Dixon for more info: colin.dixon@avantidrome.nz


Our new Junior Programme has been enabled thanks to the support of