Track Sessions

  • Prices effective 1 February 2017.
  • Prices listed are casual rates per hour e.g. if there is a two hour session this will be twice the listed price.
  • Unless otherwise stated, prices are in NZ Dollars and inclusive of GST.
  • You must be an accredited rider to ride all sessions other than “Have a Go” and the “Accreditation” classes.
  • You must be 10 years or older to ride on the track, unless participating in our Junior Programme.
  • Youth = Under 18 years.

Concession Rates

Month2Month Concessions are a great option for accredited riders who ride frequently at the Avantidrome. Providing better value than our casual rate, they’ll see you right over a month for any open or coached sessions offered by the Avantidrome. See here for more info.

Track Rules

To ensure the safety of all riders on the track and a pleasant experience for all who visit, we have in place certain track rules as conditions of entry for all riders and coaches who use the track here at the Avantidrome. Please take a moment to familiarise yourself with these.

A copy of our track rules and etiquette can be downloaded here.


If you’ve never ridden on the Avantidrome and want to give it a try, this is the session for you. An Avantidrome coach will fit you with a bike and helmet and will guide you through your session on the track. If you enjoy the Have a Go and want to continue riding the Avantidrome, the next step is to become an accredited rider via the Accreditation Process. Find out more here.

  • $25 including bike hire (effective 1 February 2017)

Accreditation Process

You must have completed a Have a Go Session before starting the Accreditation Process. 

You need to become an accredited rider to attend any of the sessions listed below (excluding schools sessions, refer to below). The principle behind the accreditation is for rider to be coached to a level where they can safely ride the velodrome unsupervised. Rider’s will be taught the required skills and etiquette to ride safely.

Please remember that this is only the first step of the journey of learning to ride the track at the Avantidrome. Once you have passed your final assessment, ask your Avantidrome coach for advice on what sessions are best for you to continue your development.

There are two ways of becoming accredited.


You will be coached by qualified Avantidrome Coaches to the required level to ensure you can safely ride the Avantidrome unsupervised. This process recognises that everyone learns at different speeds, so there is no set number of sessions to obtain accreditation. Every session you attend will be assessed and you will be progressed at a speed matching your competence.

  • Please download the relevant Youth (Under 18) or Adult Accreditation form, fill in the details and bring it along to reception on your first Accreditation session.
  • You’ll need to wear a t-shirt that has sleeves and bring covered shoes suitable to ride in.
  • Please arrive 15 minutes before the session begins.
  • $25 plus the cost of each session ($15 per session). 


The express accreditation is available to cyclist that have previous track racing experience or are accredited at velodromes around the world. Depending on your skills, you may or, may not be required to do an on track assessment. Please download this form and send to to see if you are eligible for express accreditation.

  • $25

Open Sessions

These sessions are open to all accredited riders where the Avantidrome does not supply coaching staff. They are for people to come to the Avantidrome and ride for fitness or to do specific training.

Open Roll 

This session is designed to develop general fitness, however no structured training is allowed including efforts and starts etc.

Open Training

This session is open to all accredited riders where their personal coach can be present and/or structured training efforts can be completed as part of the rider’s development. Coaches must be CNZ Level 1 Accredited.

Coached Sessions

These sessions are open to all “Accredited Riders” and are designed to develop the athlete’s skills/fitness. They are structured to cover the technical, tactical and the fitness requirements of the sport. A qualified Avantidrome coach is supplied to take each session. These sessions will develop you at your pace and take your riding to the next level.

Coached Ladies

This session is great for women who want to learn in a supportive environment, among fellow Ladies. An Avantidrome coach leads and structures this session.

Coached Fitness 1 & 2

These sessions are as it sound, they are designed to improve your fitness and are not designed as a technical and tactical session, so you will get minimal instruction in that area. Your Avantidrome Coach will be able to advise you what level to book into, this will ensure your maximal enjoyment and benefit.

Coached T & T (Technical & Tactical)

These sessions are specifically designed to cover the skills that riders need to race or ride at a level that they can achieve their goals. These sessions will cover every event that a cyclist my ride. They will give you the knowledge to race at events from community racing to national championships.  You will get the opportunity to practice the skills with mock racing.

Specialist Endurance Sessions

Commencing Sunday 23rd of July.

This will be a session with an Avantidrome coach provided and is designed to practice the timed Endurance events. The sessions will also include the Time Trial, Individual and Team Pursuit and is 1.5 hours long. You can bring your own personal coach if you’d like to but if they are unavailable then our coach will be there.  If you are looking at improving your timed events these are the sessions for you.

Specialised Training

These sessions are designed for athletes that are specialising and looking to improve their performance for a major competition. They are for riders that have the upper level of competency and are confident in all aspects of riding the velodrome. To attend these sessions, the rider will need their own bike as gears changes are required for different efforts. Your Avantidrome coach will be able to tell you if you are capable to ride in these sessions. These sessions are designed as an opportunity for the athlete to further develop from the Coached sessions.

  • $20


This session allows riders to motor pace behind an Avantidrome derny. This session will improve the rider’s ability to pedal at a higher cadence and speed. It is a fun way to train and a great way to develop fitness.


This session is designed to teach riders the correct technique for starting from the electronic start gates. It is also an opportunity for riders to do specific start gate training.


These sessions are designed to further develop the rider’s technical and tactical skills for all track endurance events e.g.: Scratch, Points, Omnium Events, Team and Individual Pursuit.


These sessions are designed to further develop the rider’s technical and tactical skills for all the sprint events e.g.: Kilo, Sprint, Keirin, and Team.

Closed Sessions

These bookings are private sessions where you or a group of people can train together without other people being allowed on the velodrome. NOTE: The use of additional equipment will come at an extra cost and if unaccredited riders are riding during this session an Avantidrome coach is required.

  • Community Group Closed Session: $225 per hour
  • School Group Closed Session: $15 per person (to a maximum of $225 per hour)
  • Corporate Groups Closed Session: $275 + GST per hour


A non-refundable deposit of $85 (+GST) for each hour booked is required to confirm your booking. In the event that whole or part of the booking is cancelled and track time cannot be rebooked by the Avantidrome then this deposit will serve as a cancellation fee.

Other Sessions

The Avantidrome provides a training ground for Cycling New Zealand and Para-Cycling High Performance squads . These sessions are coloured yellow on our track schedule and start with the prefix HP so they are easily identifiable. Even though you cannot ride in these sessions, they are an opportunity to come to the Avantidrome and watch some of the best cyclists in the world training.

If you have any queries, please contact reception on 0800 VELODROME or email:



We understand that racing is not for everyone, but don’t write this off just yet! Racing is a little bit like playing netball or rugby, you don’t play those games to just train, you want to play. The racing sessions are designed for people to “play” the sport of cycling. Everyone will be graded so you will be riding people of the same ability. There is a race session for everyone.

  • Price is set for each event

Racing – Battle of the Schools

The Battle of the Schools is the popular battle between the schools. This racing is designed to find who the best school around town is. The schools sessions are designed to teach the skills so the riders can compete in this racing.

Racing – Community

This racing is run by the Avantidrome staff and designed for the any rider in the community to come and have some fun while trying to prove they are better than their friends and other like-minded people. There will be a different program each time to mix up the racing with different events and distances.

Racing – Top Trackies

This session is a testing session. You will be timed over different distances. It is a great way to test whether you are getting fitter as you will be able to see the progression over time.

Racing – Sprint Wars

This is a new racing session that is specifically designed for the sprinters. It will cover the individual sprinting events and give the riders the opportunity to practice their race craft. All riders will be graded so you will only be racing people of the same ability.

Racing – TA Club

This racing is conducted by the Te Awamatu Sports Cycling Club. You need to contact them to attend this racing.