Track Sessions

  • Prices listed are casual rates per hour e.g. if there is a two hour session this will be twice the listed price.
  • Unless otherwise stated, prices are in NZ Dollars and inclusive of GST.
  • You must be an accredited rider to ride all sessions other than Have-a-Go and the Accreditation classes.
  • You must be 10 years or older to ride on the track, unless participating in our Junior Programme.
  • Youth = 18 years and under.

Concession Rates

Month2Month Concessions are a great option for accredited riders who ride frequently at the Avantidrome. Providing better value than our casual rate, they’ll see you right over 31 days for any open or coached sessions offered by the Avantidrome. See here for more info.

Membership options coming soon!

Track Rules

To ensure the safety of all riders on the track and a pleasant experience for all who visit, we have in place certain track rules as conditions of entry for all riders and coaches who use the track here at the Avantidrome. Please take a moment to familiarise yourself with these.


If you’ve never ridden on the Avantidrome and want to give it a try, this is the session for you. An Avantidrome coach will fit you with a bike and helmet and will guide you through your session on the track. If you enjoy the Have-a-Go and want to continue riding the Avantidrome, the next step is to become an accredited rider via the Accreditation Process. Find out more about our Have-a-Go session here.

  • $25 including bike hire


Accreditation Process

You must have completed a Have-a-Go Session before starting the Accreditation Process. 

You need to become an accredited rider to attend any of the programme sessions listed below. You’ll find all you need to know about our accreditation process here.



Regular Track Sessions

Regular Avantidrome track sessions are categorised into the groupings listed below. Different eligibility criteria exist according to the each category. All sessions on our track schedule are named either open, coached, specialist or closed.

  1. OPEN SESSIONS – open to all accredited riders aged 13+; no Avantidrome coaching staff provided
  2. COACHED SESSIONS – open to accredited riders with the session coached by an Avantidrome coach
  3. SPECIALIST SESSIONS – bespoke programmes or sessions focusing on specific techniques or tactics
  4. CLOSED SESSIONS – private group bookings

You’ll find more detail on each of these categories below.

To find out what sessions are on each week, jump on over to our track schedule where you can view by date, filter by class and even book your session.


Open Sessions

These sessions are open to all accredited riders aged 13 years and over. Open sessions are made available for you to ride for fitness or to do your own specific training. Avantidrome does not supply coaching staff for open sessions.

  • Adult $15 / Youth $10

Open Roll 

Open Rolls are ideal for you to develop your general fitness, however no structured training is allowed including efforts and starts etc. Open to all accredited riders aged 13 years and over.

Open Training

Open Training sessions are open to all accredited riders aged 13 years and over where their personal coach can be present and/or structured training efforts can be completed as part of the rider’s development. Coaches must be Cycling New Zealand Accredited coaches for access to the apron of the velodrome. Riders and coaches need to work in with each other to organise training during these sessions.

Note: use of start gates is prohibited in these sessions.



Coached Sessions

Avantidrome Coached sessions are open to accredited riders and are designed to develop skills and / or fitness. They are structured to cover the technical, tactical and fitness requirements of the sport. A qualified Avantidrome coach is provided to coach each session. These sessions will develop you at your pace and take your riding to the next level.

  • Adult $15 / Youth $10

Coached Fitness 1  – 60 or 90 minute sessions

These classes are to further develop your riding skills in bigger bunches. There is a qualified Avantidrome coach who takes all of these classes so you will receive instructions all the way through. Riders must be over 13 years to ride these Fitness 1 classes.

Coached Fitness 2 – 60 or 90 minute sessions

Discuss this option with your Avantidrome Coach to confirm you are at the required standard to attend this class. These sessions are designed to take your skills and fitness to the next level.

Coached Fitness 3 – Two Hour Monday Night

This 2 hour Fitness Level 2 session is for riders over the age of 16. These sessions are designed to test your fitness and within each session there is the opportunity to prepare you for various types of racing. The sessions are designed to offer structured activities of specific skills and techniques led by coach Vicki Fleming. To attend these sessions it is expected you have been riding the track regularly for a minimum of 6 months and are capable of riding safely in a group for at least 20 minutes on the ‘stayers’/Madison/blue line in any one exercise.

Riders must be over 16 years to ride any Fitness 2 class.

Please also note these sessions require you to use a gear size of no larger than 90” (7 meters).

Coached Ladies 

Every Saturday Morning 11am-12pm from the 15th of February one of our coaches will take you through activities aimed at developing skills and improving fitness levels. This class is suitable for all abilities (16 years and over) and is the perfect weekend activity.

Coached Para

These sessions are coached by Michael Bland and cater for para athletes wanting to improve their skills and fitness in Para Cycling. Para Cyclists wishing to join this session need to be assessed either by Michael or Para-Cycling NZ before entering the session. This is to ensure all the necessary pre-requisites are met to ensure the safety of all riders. Please contact Michael to arrange an assessment.

Masters Fitness and Fun 

From the 20th of February every Thursday morning from 9-10am there will be a Masters Fitness and Fun session. This is a session suitable for all abilities and will focus on gaining some fitness, learning new skills while having fun with a great group or people.

Specialist Training Sessions

These sessions are designed for athletes that are specialising and looking to improve their performance or skill level in a specific discipline or are preparing for a major competition. Specialist sessions include (but are not limited to) specialist gates, specialist derny, specialist sprint sessions and other specialist coached programmes. These sessions are not part of our day to day, regular programmes and require either additional equipment, coaching or staff resources.

Specialist classes are often offered as a block of specilaised coaching and generally incur an extra cost over and above your membership.

Specialist Gates

The Avantidrome will offer specialist gate sessions leading in to major track events. These sessions are designed to develop the correct technique for starting from the electronic start gates. It is also an opportunity for riders to do specific start gate training.

Specialist Coached Sprint Training

Track sprinting, track bunch racing, and road racing all have one thing in common  – the fastest, smartest rider generally wins! There are regular Coached Sprint Training blocks on offer to help all riders improve their sprinting skills. Flying 200, match sprint, kierin sprint and bunch sprinting are all covered allowing all riders to benefit from some specific sprint training.


Closed Sessions

The Avantidrome is available for private hire (subject to track availability) by members of the public.

The minimum booking period is 60 minutes and for those who are not yet accredited, 15 people is the maximum number we allow on the track at a time. For groups of 15+ we therefore recommend 90 minutes.

The Avantidrome can tailor a closed, private session to your requirements and can include the following;

School Groups

  • Have-a-Go track session
  • Avantidrome tour
  • Outdoor bike skills session

Corporate Groups

Private individuals or groups

Closed sessions are available to all members of the community.

These bookings are private sessions where you or a group of people can train together without other people being allowed on the velodrome. NOTE: The use of additional equipment will come at an extra cost and if unaccredited riders are riding during this session an Avantidrome coach is required.

Please contact our Head of Programmes and Coaching, Colin Dixon at for all track hire enquiries and bookings.


A non-refundable deposit of $85 (+GST) for each hour booked is required to confirm your booking. In the event that whole or part of the booking is cancelled and track time cannot be rebooked by the Avantidrome then this deposit will serve as a cancellation fee.



Other Sessions

The Avantidrome provides a training ground for Cycling New Zealand and Para-Cycling High Performance squads. These sessions are coloured yellow on our track schedule and start with the prefix ‘HP’ so they are easily identifiable. Even though you cannot ride in these sessions, they do provide an opportunity for you to visit the Avantidrome and watch some of the best cyclists in the world training.


If you have any queries, please contact reception on 0800 VELODROME or email: