Avantidrome Schools Racing

Every Friday night from 6pm – 8pm during term time, the Avantidrome hosts Schools Racing. Schools Racing is an exciting night for kids to match themselves against their mates, put their skills to practice and of course have a bit of fun. Follow the Avantidrome Schools Racing facebook page for updates.

Pre-register for the term to guarantee a spot and take advantage of a great saving on registration fees. Simply email reception@avantidrome.nz by Thursday 18th October 2018 to pre-register for Term 4.

  • $40 prepay for the the full Term if paid in advance (Term 4 = 8 weeks)
  • $10 per session for casual attendance

** Please note, if you require a hire bike then there is an additional charge of $5 per race night ($40 for the term).

Payment can be made either at reception on the first night, or via online banking with the following details:

The Home of Cycling Charitable Trust

Please include “schoolrace” as Particulars and rider’s name in the Reference please.

TERM FOUR DATES Friday Night Schools Racing


** Special Note for this Term **

Friday 7th December will be the last night fr this year and we will be presenting the medals for riders and the trophy for top school on this night.