Avantidrome Programmes

Check out our range of different programmes offered at the Avantidrome – click on each to find out more.

To make a booking in to session – head on over to our track bookings page.

  • Have-a-Go

    If you’ve never ridden on the Avantidrome and want to give it a try, then yes, absolutley, you can Have-a-Go! We offer introductory sessions to give anyone the chance to have a go at track cycling.

  • Track Accreditation

    Our accreditation process is a module of coached sessions designed to provide you with the necessary skills that will enable you to ride on the track unsupervised.

  • Regular Track Sessions

    Open sessions, coached sessions, specialised training and racing - we offer a full programme of sessions to suit your skill level, training and racing goals.

  • Community Trikes

    Our Community Trikes programme caters for all ages and abilities - perfect for those looking to improve their mobility, fitness and overall well-being.

  • Junior Programme

    The Junior Programme has been designed to offer riders a pathway of continual development. From first timers on our Have-a-Go sessions all the way up to Advanced Junior level, there will be a session that suits everyone.

  • Schools Racing

    Schools Racing, held every Friday night during term time is an exciting night for kids to match themselves against their mates, put their skills to practice and of course have a bit of fun.

  • Community Walkers

    A popular twice-a week indoor walking option, our 310 meter indoor circuit is enjoyed by many for its convenience, atmosphere and group camaraderie!