Track Rules

To ensure the safety of all riders on the Avantidrome and a pleasant experience for all who visit, please respect and adhere to the following track rules. 

Access to the infield and the track is based on your full agreement with both our general Conditions of Entry, and these Track Rules. Management reserves the right to refuse entry to any person, and to remove from the premises, without refund, any person who violates any of the conditions listed below.  

  • Helmets must be worn at all times whilst riding, including on the infield
  • Please dismount and walk through reception area and tunnel
  • Every rider is required to sign in at reception and pay before entering the track
  • Please do not change anything other than seat height on Avantidrome hire bikes
  • Only riders, coaches, officials and helpers permitted in the track center. Spectators welcome upstairs
  • Entry to the Life Fitness Zone area is restricted to gym members only
  • Children under the age of 13 must be actively supervised by a responsible adult while on the premises
  • Obey instructions from our uniformed staff (includes event volunteers) at all times
  • Unruly and antisocial behaviour will not be tolerated. This includes, but is not limited to, verbal/physical abuse of staff or other customers, attempting to enter a restricted area, climbing, defacing, littering, throwing objects, blocking thoroughfares or fire exits

Not Permitted

  • No music devices or cycling computers that are mounted (so as to be visible to the rider) are to be used when on the track
  • No chewing gum permitted
  • No spitting please
  • No glass
  • No animals other than registered guide dogs
  • No alcohol in any type of container


  • To coach on the Avantidrome you must be a Cycling New Zealand (CNZ) Accredited Coach
    • Applies to all classes / sessions
    • Coaches are required to register with reception
    • Information for upcoming coaching courses can be found on the CNZ website here


  • Only bikes designed to ride on the velodrome are permitted (track bikes only)
  • Aero Bars are not to be used in any bunch, group type riding on the Avantidrome
    • Aero Bars can only be used for specific TT & Team Pursuit training
    • Aero Bars cannot be used in and Avantidrome Fitness Classes
  • Computers that are mounted (so as to be visible to the rider) are not to be used when on the Avantidrome in any class or session