Track Rules

To ensure the safety of all riders on the Avantidrome and a pleasant experience for all who visit, please respect and adhere to the following track rules. 

Access to the infield and the track is based on your full agreement with both our general Conditions of Entry, and these Track Rules. Management reserves the right to refuse entry to any person, and to remove from the premises, without refund, any person who violates any of the conditions listed below.  

Coaching – Applies to all classes/sessions

  • To coach on the Avantidrome, you must be a Cycling New Zealand (CNZ) Accredited Coach with relevant track coaching experience or qualification. This includes standing on the apron to time laps.
  • All coaches must have a current first aid certificate
  • You must be at least at least 9yrs old and 135cm
  • You must be 18+ to ride in any coached fitness sessions


  • Helmets must be worn and correctly fitted at all times whilst riding, including on the infield.
  • Peaks on helmets are prohibited
  • Skateboard/BMX style helmets with no internal adjustment are prohibited



  • Please do not change anything other than seat height on Avantidrome hire bikes
  • You are NOT allowed to change pedals


  • Spare sprockets on double sided hubs are not permitted (see pic)
  • Wheel axles should not extend beyond the track nuts, front and rear axles should be sawn off flush with nut and filed smooth.








Aero Bars

  • Are not to be used in any bunch, group type riding on the Avantidrome
  • Aero bars can only be used in Open Training sessions and must not be used in any Avantidrome Coached or Open Roll session unless it is a specified ITT or TTT session

Electronic Devices

  • Watches are not to be worn while riding on the track
  • Riders must not carry objects on them or their bicycles that could drop onto the track
  • Cycle computers may be carried in a zipped rear pocket by the rider although it is not recommended
  • Cycle computers or any electronic devices with display must be hidden so it cannot be read by the riders – NO exceptions.
  • Music players or radio communication systems must not be used while on the track.

Reference UCI regulations rule 3.2005









General Avantidrome House Rules

  • Please avoid walking or standing on the track with cleated shoes as much as possible
  • No riding in the Life Fitness Zone area
  • No riding up or down the ramps that access the track – riders must get off and walk
  • Personal belongings and equipment must not be left or stored in the Infield
  • Gates can only be used for specific sessions or by prior arrangement with the Avantidrome Head of Programmes & Coaching
  • The Cycling New Zealand pit area is out of bounds to all riders unless they are approved by Cycling New Zealand i:e Waikato Performance Hub riders
  • Please replace any chairs, tables etc that you may use back to their original place when you finish your session

Derny/Motorcycle use

  • Only coaches who have been approved/signed off by Tim Carswell of Cycling New Zealand can ride a Derny/Motorbike on the track for Avantidrome sessions